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Sam Patel, Service Consultant
Email: collisionplusinc@gmail.com
Tel: 281.496.5489
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Nick Patel, Service Consultant
Email: collisionplusinc2@gmail.com

Open: Monday - Friday - 7:00 am - 5:30 pm / Saturday: 9:00 am - noon / Sunday: Closed

StatisticsReview of Collision Plus, Inc.

Amazing Honesty, Quality and Service!
Posted by SPiN at Citysearch

I just want to state that after reviewing a lot of places online, Collision Plus, Inc. stands out from the crowd hands down! I saw a lot of reviews from other companies that did not make sense, as they were from the same emails as the place that was being reviewed, with this i carefully examined every bodyshop that i wanted to check out. Collision Plus was one of a few (very few) that had incredible reviews! After I made an appointment to go there Mr. Patel was gracious enough to take the time to explain every detail of what would transpire between them and the insurance company. All in all Mr. Patel did the job so well and so efficiently it floored me, my car looks amazing and even the BMW dealer could not notice or pinpoint the damages to the rear end of the car! I highly recommend these guys, they are very respectful, attentive and awesome work quality!

If its good enough for Bentley Its good enough for me!
Posted by Haseeb Musa at Citysearch

My IS250 hit some trash on 59 a while back. Had to get my front bumper replaced. I went to 3 shops and was quoted the below figures before coming to Collision Plus -1500 (Lexus) -1300 (Random Dallas Shop) -1180 (Service King Dallas) When I drove into Collision Plus I immediately thought that this place was going to over charge based on the Rolls Royce parked in the front. I went in and the owner of the shop did the estimate himself. He was really straight forward. He quoted me a price. It was a good chunk less than all of the above. I asked him if it was going to take 3 days or 4 days because the other shops quoted me at least 3 days. He said He can do it in less than 24 hours with all OEM parts. Pretty Damn Amazing! The work was done to perfection. I noticed on the wall inside the shop that they work on Exotics, Rolls-Royces, and Bentleys. Any place that is good enough for Bentley is good enough for my IS250. I dropped off my car on Friday at 8am and was able to pick it up at Friday at 5:00pm. Amazing considering the other places said 3-4 days. This place is all about service and quality. Their name depends on it and you wont be disappointed. If they weren't as good as they claim you can believe that Bentley and Rolls-Royce would not be coming to them for work. Overall- This place was stellar. I wont be looking to get any car work done anywhere else. I am actually going to be back there in a few weeks to get my windows tinted. Any place that does windows for Bentley can sure as hell do it for my car. I do not need to worry about asking if the tint is going to create bubbles or if its going to be off color. They do not mess with that low quality crap here because if they did their biggest clients would leave. They do straight up good work for a decent price.

Excellent service and excellent work!
Posted by abbiek8 at Citysearch

I am new to Houston and within a couple of months of being here, my car was hit in a parking lot. Without much knowledge of collision repair places in the area, I took my car to Sam at Collision Plus who gave me a competitive estimate. The staff were very friendly and worked on my car while I was out of town so that I didn't have to rent a car, and left my car out for me the night I returned, after they were closed. The bumper on my car looks so much better than it has in years, not only did they fix the damage from the incident in the parking lot, but repaired all of the scratches and dings I had accumulated over the years. It looks brand new!

Almost like it never happened
Posted by rjames543 at Citysearch

I had Collision Plus repair some deep paint scratches on 2 doors from a flying piece of metal on the 610 loop (got to love trucks with unsecured loads on our roads). This car is my baby; I've had it for years and know every square inch of it. It has been meticulously maintained, although it has a few dings when it was used as a general family mover. I have a very keen eye for quality workmanship, fit, and finish for auto body repair, and I decided to use this shop for the first time based on the good reviews. The staff behind the counter was courteous and friendly, and they seemed eager to please. After the work was performed, I was very happy with the paintwork. The color and texture matched perfectly - and I looked at it from different angles and both dim and bright lights. Over the course of a year, the paint on the bottom of the door has proven to be resistant to rock chips as well, indicating the use of quality paints and good application. The car was finished on time as promised. The only flaw was 2 small dings from the flying metal that were overlooked during the resurfacing process. In addition, there was a very fine layer of paint overspray on one half of the car and some sanding dust left in the interior. I did not mention that to the shop (in order to give them a chance to rectify the situation), and I used a clay bar to remove the overspray myself and vacuumed/shampooed the carpets to remove all the dust. I'm a big DIY, and I found it to be less of a hassle to take care of those small details myself then bring the car back. Overall, I highly recommend the shop for paintwork, and I would use them again in the future.

Very Impressed
Posted by SDeAnnS at Citysearch

When I was involved in my first accident ever, I was so unsure of what exactly to do. The employees at Collision Plus walked over the process with me and made me feel confident in what I needed to do to get my car back to the way it was. I was well informed during the entire process. The day I got my car back I was nothing but impressed with the work. My car looked new again! Unfortunately I was in another accident shortly after and glad to say that my second experience was just as pleasant as the first!

Great work !!
Posted by yellowskins83 at Citysearch

Replaced my bumper on my Subaru and they did an awesome job on the installation and paint!!

Posted by jckmark9912 at Citysearch

I wanted to thank you for providing excellent service during my two recent visits with my 2000 BMW M-Coupe. It was refreshing to be able to leave my car in "good hands" with an obviously well trained mechanic and know that all the service will be handled in a very professional manner.

Great Great Service
Posted by harwin wo at Citysearch

Sam at Collision Plus made the whole experience such an easy time even as my insurance company was trying to prolong everything. Sam took care of me and my car, and if I ever need anything done in the future, I'm taking my cars there for sure. Thanks Sam

My Car looks like new
Posted by Adriana Rodriguez at Citysearch

Samit told me what they were going to do to my car and how long it would take. When they called me to let me know my car was ready. I was so surprise with the work they did. My car looks like it is new and it is a 2006 Jetta. I am very happy with the work they did and I would use them again and recomend them to my friends. Thanks Samit and God Bless you and everyone at your shop. Adriana

Collision Plus II on HWY 6 is fantastic
Posted by KOM at Citysearch

Sam and folks at Collision Plus II on Hwy 6 do exactly what they say they will do and more. The repairs cost meless than estimated and my car looks and runs great.They pointed out a few surprises ( unrelated to the accident) and fixed them for a very reasonable cost. I would be happy to send my family and friends to them, but hopefully they won't need to! :)

Great work, great service
Posted by Reviewer Too at Citysearch

After I got my car back from them, the first thing I thought was "it is like the wreck never even happened"! That should be their slogan: "Like it never even happened"...

Collision Plus II-Great & Efficient
Posted by cbowden28 at Citysearch

My second experience with Collision Plus, has been memorable with exceptional service (upfront expectations, great follow-up, and kept me informed of progress) with both visits. I had a Mazda CX-7, in which I had both front end/back end damage, as well as my airbag deployed. I really didn't know what to expect upon repair. But, I must say excellent job on my CX-7. I have had my car for the past 2 weeks and I must say that I'm truly impressed. Well put together. I would recommend to all my family and colleagues any repairs to go to Collision Plus. It was brought to my attention that I was missing a lug nut for one of my wheels. Sam made me aware of this issue, as he explained the hazards and offered to replace it for free ($150) saved. I must reiterate great service.

Posted by Beedee at Citysearch

I have a 2004 Hyundai Sonata that had been 'keyed' very badly. I took my car to Collision Plus II and they did a FANTASTIC job of removing these scratches; repainted that portion of my car to match the rest of the paint. My car looks like a brand new car. These guys are AWESOME and I recommend them to anyone who need any type of body repair!!!

Another happy customer
Posted by TM123 at Citysearch

Nick is fantastic. My repairs were1/2 the price of the Lexus body shop and they had a quick turnaround and were very friendly. I also highly recommend the wet sand buff...my car looks brand new!

Completly Happy
Posted by StGonzo at Citysearch

My black G35 Coupe was vandalized and had over 2600$ worth of damage to the hood, fenders, and 2 windows. I knew exactly where I had to take it to these problems fixed. Collision Plus is near my office and in passing everyday I noticed alot of exotic as well as more common cars out front ready to be picked up. Ford GT40, Maseratis, Lamborghinis, Bentlys, to Hondas and Toyotas. Needless to say- They must be doing SOMETHING right. They are thorough in every aspect. Their billing system and paperwork is exactly what insurance claim reports look like. Sam or Nick don't mind explaining the material or procedures they use. Collision Plus makes you feel like you're #1 even if you're not their customer yet. They never push a service on you and you feel like you're in total control. They always keep communication lines open. I inquired for a final wax for the whole car once the insurance work was done. Sam recommended a wetsand and buff. It takes a maticulous, patient, honest, and professional company for me to be completely happy and to recommend it. After getting my car back today, I HIGHLY recommend this company to anyone. My 2003 black coupe looks like black glass again. Many thanks to Sam for proving to me that Collision Plus is not just doing something right, they do everything right. Let Collision Plus prove the same to you.

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