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Frequently Asked Questions


There’s been a technology revolution in the auto repair industry and we've been at the forefront of those changes. From computerized paint matching and digital imaging to computerized vehicle repair tracking systems, we offer the latest in technology to get your car back into peak condition.

However, even in today’s computer-driven world, cars aren't repaired by punching a button. Quality repairs take quality people. Our experienced staffs are true craftsmen who take pride in doing a job right. We have recruited highly trained specialists who stay abreast of the latest advances in our industry.

In our unique vehicle repair system, each member of our team takes personal responsibility for complete customer satisfaction: from the first person who greets you when you enter our doors through our Repair Process Managers who monitor your car’s progress every step of the way to the customer service specialists who personally sign your warranty. Through each step, our skilled team members personally guarantee their work until your car is restored to factory specifications.

From the moment you contact us until you drive away with your car repaired and restored, our goal is complete customer satisfaction. We believe good communication is the first step in that process. In this brochure, we have collected many common questions we have heard over the years in this industry. However, we want you to know that our customer service team is always available to personally answer any question you may have at any time in this process. Please don’t hesitate to ask.


1. How do I choose the right auto facility for me?
Auto repair facilities are not all alike. There has been a technology revolution in the auto repair industry in the last few years and we have been at the forefront of it. Today’s vehicles are more complex and technologically challenging and so auto repair has become more complex. We are committed to offering our customers an unparalleled standard of service because we know our people will do the job right. We back up every one of our technicians with the latest technology and continual training to meet the highest factory standards.

2. My insurance company is steering me to a certain body shop; do I have to go there?
You don’t have to settle for less. We work with all major insurance companies. The bottom line is that most agents want the same thing we all do - quality repairs at a fair price. They want you to be satisfied with the job you receive. You always have the right to decide who will repair your vehicle.

3. I was told you are a "preferred shop" for my insurance company. How can I be sure you're not working in their best interest and not mine?
Because of our size and volume, we can provide quality repairs and additional claims services that make us a preferred shop for many insurance companies. We believe that our good relationship with insurance companies is an asset for our customers. But, ultimately, our first responsibility is always to our customers and it’s a responsibility we don't take lightly.
We know our customers are entrusting their vehicle investment and, more importantly, their family’s safety with us. As auto repair professionals, we are strong advocates for value, quality and safety and we never compromise our principles for any reason.

4. Do I have to get two or three estimates for my insurance company?
No law requires you to get more than one estimate. We work with all major insurance companies and, in our experience, it is usually unnecessary to get multiple estimates once a claim representative from the insurance company is involved. In fact, it can be the case that a car may be unsafe to drive to the next shop or additional driving may cause more damage. It’s usually best to pick a reputable repair facility and have your insurer deal directly with that facility.


5. How much will this repair cost?
Today’s complex vehicles make it difficult to give customers an immediate estimate. To properly complete an accurate, itemized estimate, a thorough disassembly is required. A guesstimate may be helpful to get the claim rolling, but a complete estimate nearly always requires disassembly.

6. Is there any way I can get away without paying for my insurance deductible?
If I turn this claim in to my insurance company, won’t my premiums increase? This is a concern for all of us. Talking to insurance agent may be a wise choice. The question you must ask yourself is whether your premium will increase by an amount greater than the cost of repairs in the next one, two or three years. In our experience, the answer is usually no - and usually not even close.

7. I want to pay for the damage myself because I think it may be less than my deductible?
The fact of the matter is that quality collision repair on modern vehicles is expensive. It is rare for damage to be less than the deductible. Quality parts, paint, materials, new technology and skilled labor can make even small fender benders quite costly. Remember, you have a major investment in your vehicle. The bottom line is that quality repair doesn't cost, it pays. Sooner or later, you will sell, trade-in or turn back your car. If a repair is of poor quality, you may have to pay the lease company or discount your car at the time of sale or trade-in.

8. The person who ran into me wants to pay for it himself. Is this a good idea?
Just as we urge customers to file a claim for their own repairs, we would urge our customers to protect themselves by making a full accident report and insurance claim when the damage is someone else’s fault. Too often, people are quick to offer to pay at first until a full assessment of damage - including hidden damage - is made. Should additional damage be found or if the repair estimate is higher than expected, you may be left holding the bag for repair costs. Many insurance policies won’t cover damage unless policyholders file an accident report and notify them immediately. We urge you not to take this risk.

9. My insurance company has issued a check for less than your estimate. Will I have to pay the difference?
NO. Insurance appraisers sometimes are unable to write a thorough estimate until after the auto repair facility has evaluated the full cost to repair damage. If the appraiser has missed any items or underestimated any costs, we will work directly with the insurance company to resolve those issues. In the rare event that it cannot be worked out, you will be notified prior to incurring any charges.


10. What kind of warranty does Collision Plus offer?
We offer a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship.

11. How well will the paint color match the old color?
With our computerized paint mixing system and our rigid standards and training, our technicians will perfectly match your vehicle’s paint every time.

12. Will my car ever be the same after an accident?
In years past, before high-tech tools, equipment and facilities like Collision Plus, many cars were never the same after an accident. However, today, we can assure you that your car will be the same and - quite often - better after the repairs are completed.

13. How long will it take to repair my car?
Collision Plus attempts to forecast a target date on how long your repairs may take. This is not an exact science. A major component in making the forecast is the dollar amount of repairs. We start by using industry standards of one week of repair time for every one-thousand dollars of damage. Then you must factor in the complexity of repairs, unforeseen delays which may occur due to additional supplemental damage, availability of parts, part delays, receipt of incorrect parts, supplemental insurance approvals and current workload of the shop. Other non-controllable outside delays may increase the time it takes to properly repair your vehicle. Again, Collision Plus will give you a target time frame, but we are unable and cannot guarantee a specific delivery date.


14. I need a rental car. How do I go about arranging one?
We can provide phone numbers to the major rental car companies. They can pick you up here when you drop your car off for repairs and they can drop you back off here when your car is completed

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